Manage Hills With Ease in the Volvo V90

As you're driving on hills in Danville, PA or around the country, safety is one of your top priorities. To help, the Volvo V90 offers a set of advanced features. This popular luxury wagon enables you to navigate hilly roads with ease.

On slippery roads, the V90's integrated Hill Descent Control helps prevent sliding. With the push of a button, the car automatically applies the brakes to each wheel. That way, the tires rotate safely.

When you need to drive up a hill, the Hill Start Assist function enables you to start the V90 without rolling. As you let your foot off of the brake, this feature keeps the brakes on. Once you tap the gas, the car releases the brake and you can move forward.

With the Volvo V90, you can drive on hills with confidence. Find out just how easy hills can be by visiting Volvo Cars of Danville for a test drive.

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