Volvo S60 Loaded with Amenities

Volvo engineers wanted to wrap you in comfort and convenience when they designed the Volvo S60. This popular compact luxury class sedan has everything you need to enjoy the open road. Let’s see what the Volvo S60 has in store.

The Volvo engineers placed an emphasis on driver and passenger comfort. They included a 4-zone climate control package, power operated cushion extensions for both the driver and front passenger, and heated seats in the front and rear. The power driver’s seat has memory and will automatically adjust specifically for you every time you step behind the wheel.

The Volvo engineers were also generous when it came to technology. The 9-inch touchscreen display keeps everything you need within arm’s reach on the console. Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth technology keep you connected while you are on the road. A graphic heads-up display lets you keep your eyes on the road. This is only a sampling of the amenities available with the Volvo S60.



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