The Volvo S60 Is Easy to Clean and Maneuver

If you are looking for a luxury vehicle with quality exterior features, make it a point to look at the Volvo S60. It comes with a variety of tools that help you keep your vehicle clean at all times. One such tool is the heated windshield washer nozzle.

The heated nozzle prevents windshield washer fluid from becoming frozen during cold weather. Therefore, you can keep your front and rear glass clean throughout the year while driving in Danville, PA. Another quality feature is the retractable side mirror. The mirrors will fold automatically after the car is turned off and locked.

You can also get them to retract by pushing a button while driving. This can be ideal when you are trying to get into a tight parking spot at the mall or in your garage. The mirrors will also tilt to allow for better angles while backing up.

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