Explore the Available Volvo XC40 Roof Rails

Roof rails are a great accessory that adds unique style to a vehicle while giving you more cargo options as you travel. The Volvo XC40 is available to drivers at Volvo Cars of Danville] with a couple of different roof rail choices.

Both of the rails are engineered to work with the vehicle's aerodynamics. Sometimes, rails will produce significant noise as you're traveling down the highway. Depending on their design, they may also decrease fuel efficiency because of drag. Volvo designed its roof rails with aerodynamics in mind. They're integrated into the roof and feature a dramatic slope that redirects airflow up and over the SUV as you drive.

The XC40 is available with two roof rail colors. The first is raw aluminum. The metal material complements any exterior finish and gives the SUV a rugged flair. Alternatively, you can get a glossy black roof rail. It's also made of aluminum. However, the sleek black color creates a sportier appearance.



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